Real-Time PCR (qPCR) (Module#-Basics)- Hands on

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2 days (3 days can be customized)
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Program Description

Target Level

  • Real-time PCR technology required by different research and laboratory areas including biomedicine, microbiology, veterinary science, agriculture, pharmacology, biotechnology, and toxicology.
  • This course is intended for all experienced users of conventional PCR who plan to start with real-time PCR, as well as users who would like to learn more about the background, applications, and optimization e.g. scientists, Ph.D. students, biological and medical technicians.
  • This course is developed for laboratory technicians involved in the life sciences laboratories, medical diagnostics, microbiology, genetics, pathology, immunology, etc.
  • Scientists who want to use this quantitative technology in research or diagnostics.


Topics to be covered with this training includes:

  • Real-Time PCR –Introduction.
  • Principles of Reverse Transcription (RT).
  • Applications of Real-Time PCR: applications when working with DNA, RNA.
  • Real-Time PCR: Understanding Ct
  • One-Step vs Two-Step
  • TaqMan vs SYBR Chemistry
  • Assay design
  • Software set up and data analysis, data interpretation.
  • Basic instrument maintenance
Practical labs include:
  • Reaction Setup.
  • Analysis of results and reporting.
(The sequence and content of this program is preliminary and may change).

Objectives and Expected Results

  • Explain the basic steps involved in qPCR
  • Identify the components of PCR, reverse transcription qPCR.
  • Recognize the characteristics of real-time PCR
  • Identify the techniques used to detect products in real-time PCR
  • Differentiate the nucleic acid quantification processes used in real-time PCR
  • Ability to analyze results.

Others Training Materials

  • Workshop, Sheets, and case studies paper will be conducted and implemented during training.
  • Documentary Videos will be presented.

Target group

  • Trainer Languages

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