PCR Primer Design

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2 days
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Program Description

Target Level

  • People with little or no experience in a molecular biology laboratory or for those wishing to refresh the past experience.
  • In the laboratory, the uses for PCR include disease and infection diagnosis, mutation detection, pathogen or pathogenic response detection, template amplification for downstream applications such as sequencing, and various other uses.


Topics to be covered with this training includes:

  • Primer Length
  • Primer Melting Temperature
  • Primer Annealing Temperature
  • GC Content
  • GC Clamp
  • Primer Secondary Structures
  • Repeats
  • Runs
  • 3' End Stability
  • Avoid Template Secondary Structure
  • Avoid Cross Homology
Parameters for Primer Pair Design
  • Amplicon Length
  • Product Position
  • Tm of Product
  • Optimum Annealing Temperature (TOpt)
  • Primer Pair Tm Mismatch Calculation
Software used in Primer Design

Objectives and Expected Results

This course presents an overview of the main steps in the primer design workflow.

Others Training Materials

  • Workshop, Sheets, and case studies paper will be conducted and implemented during training.
  • Documentary Videos will be presented for OSD Equipment and systems, including Mixing, Blending, Drying, Sizing, Tableting, Encapsulating, and Coating that provides participants with a visual demonstration of current manufacturing and engineering practices.

Target group

  • Trainer Languages

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