Fundamentals of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Clinical Laboratories

Medical Lab General Courses

2 day
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Program Description

Target Level

  • This basic-level course is designed for new or existing.
  • Public health and clinical laboratory professionals who Handle potentially hazardous materials.


  • Safety is imperative when working with potentially harmful materials and other hazards in the laboratory.
  • This course is designed to assist clinical and public health laboratory professionals with applying risk management strategies to identify hazards, assess risks and select appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) options.

Objectives and Expected Results

  • Describe how PPE helps protect laboratory professionals.
  • Recognize the hazards and risks associated with laboratory procedures.
  • Identify PPE options, limitations, and considerations for selecting appropriate PPE.
  • Select appropriate PPE options for given clinical laboratory scenarios.

Others Training Materials

Workshop, Sheets, and case studies paper will be conducted and implemented during training.

Target group

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