Operations Research- Practical Quantitative Methods

Engineering and Validation

3 days (2 days can be customized)
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Program Description

  • Module 1 – Introductions, Course Structure & Objectives
  • Module 2 – Decision Modeling
    • The Decision Process in Operations
    • Fundamentals of Decision Making
    • Decision Tables
    • Types of Decision-Making Environment
    • Decision Trees
  • Module 3 – Linear Programming
    • Why use Linear Programming
    • Requirements of a Linear Programming Problem
    • Formulating Linear Programming Problems
    • The graphical solution to a linear programming problem
      • Graphical Representation of Constraints
      • Iso-Profit Line Solution Method
      • Corner-Point Solution Method
    • Sensitivity Analysis
    • Solving Minimizing problems
    • Linear programming Applications
  • Module 4 – Transportation Modeling
    • Transportation Modeling Concept
    • Developing an Initial Solution
    • The Stepping-Stone Method
    • Special Issues in Modeling
  • Module 5 –Course Review

Target Level

  • Production department Managers, Supervisors and staff.
  • Engineering managers, supervisors and technical staff both Frontline and support functions.
  • Quality Department (QA, QC, Validation, Regulatory and Compliance)
  • Regulatory bodies involved in pharmaceutical industries.
  • Internal/External Auditors and consultant


Objectives and Expected Results

At the conclusion of this course, delegates are expected to have a sound working knowledge about:

  • Selecting and applying quantitative modeling concepts for problem-solving and decision making.
  • Using classical decision theory as an aid to decision making.
  • Acquiring a critical awareness of the logical process of modeling complex decision problems.
  • Applying techniques and practices to model real-world problems.
  • Critically analyze and report results.
  • Helping networking between delegates

Others Training Materials

  • The course is delivered using a balanced combination of video, presentations, and discussion sessions.
  • The Videos and discussions are focused on putting into practice the techniques covered in the presentations.
  • Delegates are provided with a set of comprehensive course notes covering the presentation material.

Target group

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    Trainer Languages English/Arabic

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